How do you get into expert server?

Ive been a very frequent flyer for about six months and I am wondering when or how I can use expert server?

Once you reach Grade 3, you will be able to access the expert server. You can check your grade in the grade table.

I am grade 3. Is there something that im required to do?

Please send us your grade table

Nope! As long as you are grade 3, you are good to go!

@Dart: I think he just wants to know if there is a test or anything.

It will help us understand your problem more

You havent had any violations lately?

Usually you can just automatically join Expert in GL3 but if you have violations you would be bumped down to grade 2 for 1 day

I don’t think so, and captain I am currently in a flight right now so I will send a screen shot in a bit

What are you unsure about?

We need to see

  • Your grade table
  • Any messages you are recieving when trying to access the expert server.

Are you asking if there is a test to get to expert or are you saying something is preventing you from flying on expert?

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I don’t have any violations in the past week and I was replying to captDan

You can still see your grade table in game when flying use your phone to take a pic and send it here

oh right be right back

Can you press that little “i” and show us what it says?

I say he has 5 or more ghosts

Ok people, we have enough help. We dont need more people joining in as this is getting crazy.


Im in training server right now and ya Cbro4