How do you get heading on your screen?

I was thinking how do I get the headings on my screen while I am doing atc.

Could you be a bit more detailed? If you are on approach you can press and hold on an aircraft then drag the direction


I mean a circle with headings

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Currently, this is not a feature (I think). If you select a radar facility (center, app, dep) you can use the drag to vector feature, which basically assigns headings based on where you drag an aircraft.

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Yes if you want to assign the heading of the aircraft drag out from the aircraft and select the heading you want. If you want the current heading of the aircraft I think you click on the aircraft then show information…

That circle​ with headings​ was removed in the last update, no way to get it unless added again by the Devs


A good tip is to use the surrounding runways at nearby airports to get an idea of the orientation of some of the headings. For example, if an airport has a runway 09, then the heading for that runway is going to be between 085° and 094°. Much like an airport with runway 24 will have that runway’s heading be between 235° and 244°.

This often helped me a lot when I would try my hand at approach and I needed to vector aircraft in a certain direction.

I think you may have just changed my life Nick!! so runway numbers are relative to their headings!


When your approach you use the 30 degree rule. You never vector an aircraft straight in. E.g. for runway 09 you would vector the aircraft between 060 and 089 or 091 and 120.

Yes I’m aware of that. But knowing that the runway numbers are related to their headings helps you figure out what your 30° margins are for vectoring in aircraft.

Also it helps you guage other headings’ approximate orientations when aircraft are farther out and you need to set up the inbound pilot for his/her 30° intercepting vector.


I always look at the published IAPs for the exact runway heading. Runway number isn’t always helpful. For example, runways 8L and 8R at KMIA are 92°, so you have to treat them as 9s. KRSW is actually 6/24, the 5/23 in IF is incorrect, as runway heading is 59°.

Say you’re at PHOG, where runway heading for runway 02 is 25°, clearing at 350 is actually a 35-degree intercept, not 30.


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