How do you get ATC ops

How do we get ATC ops because I have been ATC lots on Training server and I have no ops still

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Every time you give clearances, sometimes it can take a while for them to load though

Normally you should get the ops when you restart the app


What do you mean by clearance

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Clearing people for taxi, takeoff, landing etc

Okay where do I check my ops after I get it?

Goto ATC and in the top right hand corner you’ll see your operation count (it’ll look something like this)image

Ok thanks!

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Oh 259! On live flight it says no valid ATC ops

As far as I know LiveFlight only shows operations made on the Expert Server.


@sebi-ue No, it does show all operations. All my TS operations are shown in LiveFlight

It takes time, the counter refreshes only about every ~6hrs

Then I have to correct myself: It shows ATC operations only from users who are IFATC.

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