How do you get a event sponsored with a VA

How do you get a event sponsored with a VA I don’t know the process of doing it.

By asking nicely.


Really that’s it?

The other, more rare option is them contacting you.

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That sometimes happens with a certain formula of sorts. Try having your event focus on a certain airline and it’s hub. You may end up attracting them should the event be well-designed or popular.

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Sending a VA a Message about your event, maybe giving a bit of evidence of a ‘sample’ of a interesting or significant feature to the VA/VO to show you’re working on it if it isn’t complete (or send a link if it is), and kindly asking if they’d like to sponsor it is the best way.

It may take a little while to get a response based on the VA or member you are messaging, but just a one time ask and waiting for a response whilst the staff discuss in their group is the best way to get a sponsor.


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Well first, VA’s love to see well-crafted events. Good formatting is key, a diversity of routes is also a great way to gain attendance too!

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See linked topic below.


VA/VOs would tend to sponsor if your event is well made - their reputation is at stake too - so making it well made and professional is one of the most important thing. Not to mention, if you want to have your event sponsored by a VA/VO, you should have it aligned with the VA/VOs objectives. No point having an Air India event then approaching FedEx VA for example.

Following on from creating the event, you need to approach VA/VOs. You could contact them through their channels of communication, which can include their Slack or Discord accounts if you happen to share a mutual server, or if you’re looking to be more professional, approach them by their VA/VOs IFC account.

After you approach them you should give them the needed time to discuss about sponsoring an event. After all, re-organising everything to suit your event is not exactly the easiest of things. If they do accept your proposition, they might be asking for some things in return, such as publicity or recognition given that they are sponsoring after all. If they do reject your request however, don’t be disappointed. After all, different management have different ways of working, so you should keep persevering, find ways to improve and perhaps in future they’d come back to you.



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