How do you fly to dangerous airports with no STAR?

Lukla airport does not have any STAR, so how can i land there?
as well as other airports that are like this

Sorry for the inappropriate topic, just came across this


Your best bet is to see if there are any charts you can find on Google. Or you could manually fly the approach


Flying without STAR isn’t dangerous; follow what @MJP_27 said. Also keep in mind that the main goal to descending is to hit 3000’ by the start of the localizer cone


You fly if visually. No maps/waypoints needed🙃


Fly parallel to an aircraft with a jetpack.

Just kidding. Please don’t do that. I’d recommend following what was mentioned above, and possibly looking on platforms such as YouTube which may show others doing a similar, difficult approach.


but guys
I am talking about airports like Lukla
were there are mountains and i can follow the cone
and there are no STARs that i can follow

and there are many mountains at that airport and i do not know the Vis approach

Fly there in solo look at the mountains around the area and your set to fly it visually.

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Your best bet is to search for a visual approach chart if this is available. If not (Example: The knowledge about the airport is just carried on from one pilot to the next one), then I would recommend to go through the satellite imagery available (Google Earth is great) and to plan accordingly in 3D view.

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do a visual approach, if needed. note that u must be at 2500ft AGL or lower at the start of the localiser, in this case at Lukla, plan a visual in between the geography, u can only enter the cone at a 3nm final at lukla. bear that in mind.

This is basically where planning comes in.

  • Consult online information sources such as YouTube videos, any charts if available etc
  • Practice before your flight in solo. This enables you to familiarise yourself with the airport.

I haven’t flown into Lukla, but I suspect that it’s not the conventional 2500ft agl, localiser kind of environment. Due to the terrain, a visual approach is very likely.

I’ve flown to Lukla a few months ago. I don’t remember the exact altitudes at critical points, but if you fly in from Kathmandu you wouldn’t do a straight-in for sure. Lukla is at the near end of a long valley, so you enter the valley and approach Lukla basically on a long base leg which is leading you along the valley to a point where you’d enter a rather short final approach, all visual of course…

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