How do you fly to 51,000 feet in a Cessna X without stalling?

I’ve seen people do this, but I tried to do it myself, and ended up stalling. Do you know how to do it?

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You have to be extremely light, and step climbing may be necessary.

@United2 went up to 49,000 on Washington Center the other day - he probably has some tricks up his sleeve.

No plane is supposed to go to 51,000ft unless you’re in a Concorde or a fighter jet.

False, now isn’t the season but a look at FR24 Atlantic routes would show you 3-4 Gulfstream cruising at ceiling.

The Citations service ceiling is FL510 :)

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Oh dang, then yeah I would recommend you stepclimb like @Thunderbolt said

To answer your question, it’s mostly done on long flights when majority of the fuel has been burnt.

When it happens you get light enough to climb higher and enjoy a low fuel burn rate.

If I say long flights, it’s because climbing so high doesn’t make much sense if you’re just on a 2 - 3 hours flight

Most likey just to heavy

The CCX is a special one. First, you have to use IRL procedures when it comes to this. As you know when there is a headwind, your IAS goes up faster. So you can only do this when there is a headwind over 50kts. If it’s below 50 it is hard to do. Secondly, you have to go straight up and fast just like they do IRL. They are up to 45,000 in 15-20 minutes. They do this so the engines can get used to the thin air fast. Finally, go as fast as you can practically go (CCX’s top cruise speed is M.92) which is around M.88. If you do this all properly, your engines will be resting easily at around 83N1 on a 90% load. You can use these tricks on a heavy load as well.


The flight physics are a bit hard to work with since they’re outdated, I’ve tried it several times. It may be possible in Infinite Flight but I haven’t had much success in my tries.

Well I am trying it now

I reached FL500

Lucky boy!

Step climbing is always the best option. Once you reach higher altitudes over FL300 decrease your step climbs and vertical speed. Hope this helps!

It’s one of my favourites to fly and one of the oldest as well. It’s a capable machine and can easily do 51,000 without too much messing about. I did this on the casual just a moment ago to try for you though I’ve never taken it to 51 before, I normally only cruise it at 45,000…

  1. Set alt to 51,000, fuel 3.5 hours before take off in this instance (should work with much more fuel as well).
  2. Departure: London Biggin Hill then East. Headwinds 7kts (but should work anywhere without severe wind on departure).
  3. V/S - 2,200 straight to 45,000.
  4. V/S 1,000 above 45,000.
  5. A bit wobbly, but will settle after a bit.
  6. Keep the speed just below the redline all the way, then set it to whatever keeps it most stable. This was 0.89.

Have a go, hope this helps! You can even have a bit of vertical action as well on initial lift off if you want, hence flight time only being 23 mins and it will still make it. Keep to 2,200 V/S if not…

I managed 60,000 feet in an CCX without stalling

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I tried it and couldn’t climb no more than 47,000 without stalling.

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