How do you fly the 747?

When i always try and fly the 747 it’s always an issue with fuel and weight resulting in being unrealistic such as taking off at 200KTS or using flaps 5° at cruise. I was wondering will anyone give me some guidance on how to actually fly this aircraft without or fewer issues.

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Firstly, it’s important to note that the 747 in Infinite Flight is an old model which doesn’t have the most accurate physics but fingers crossed that the plane receives a rework in the future to resolve these issues.

I recommend taking a look through the topic that I’ve linked below for you as it provides a rough guide for takeoff and landing which can be a good bases to start with:

I also recommend you utilise trim whilst flying any aircraft and trim appropriately to ensure the magenta line disappears beside the trim percentage, as this ensures you have trimmed your aircraft for optimal performance whilst at cruise.

Hope this helps you out mate and at the very least, provides you a basis to work from.

Take care!

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Appreciate it the most ! I’ll have a look at the topic and hope for the best when i fly.

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A great tip to fly the 747 is to set the overall control sensitivity to high, so that you can control this giant aircraft more easily.

Hasn’t this been debunked a lot of times?
Trim is implemented as a offset to elevator control in IF on older aircraft, and even on newer aircraft it doesn’t seem to affect fuel as far as I have tested (like setting 100% and -100% both have no effect).

This is the first time I’ve heard that trim has no affect, but purely a suggestion that may assist the OP.

I find that trim always helps. Easier rotations, less chance of nose wheel slamming on landing, and nice smooth transitions from AP on to AP off.

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i hardly ever use trim. thats why when i take off A/P the nose always dives

Trim helps when handflying obviously.

Make sure you calibrate before switch off AP during landing. That will help to avoid the dive


yeah. i had forgotten that a few times when i was inexperienced at IF. but now i calibrate every time.

I’ve used the 748 a couple of times this last week. The fuel is a big issue, I end up putting like 4-5hrs extra of fuel than the length of the trip. For take off flaps 20’, throttle at 85% and rotation at around 160-165kts 10 degree pitch worked for me. At around 230kts, I retract to flaps 10(aircraft will pitch down and then up again). Keep flaps 10 until 250-255kts. 2000-2200 vertical speed should be good for initial climb. You can lower it as you keep climbing to your desired cruise altituded(not to high if your really heavy). I Can’t tell you an exact number for the flap settings and speeds. I kinda guess depending on how the airplane behaves on past flights. After FL100, speed up to 315kts. Landing the 747 is pretty much the same as other aircrafts. 145-148kts approach has worked for me(all depends on your weight). Keep in mind that the 747 cockpit is higher, so you might need to flair a little early. Practice take offs and landings with different weights on solo.

I actually really enjoy flying the 747 in IF. While the cruise fuel calculations are off, I actually think the physics are good. It uses a lot of runway, rotates at high speeds, and climbs very slow, just like the real thing. But yes it needs a lot of trim and a lot of extra fuel, especially when heavy.

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I find adjusting the trim to around 7% can help give a smoother landing, but I don’t really have much use for it either other than that, I don’t have any problems without it.

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