How do you fly the 717?

Yeah I actually flew it, I left BFI (Boeing Field) with full fuel, no passengers, very little cargo and when I landed I had less than 1 minute of fuel remaining, it was REALLY CLOSE

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Yeah I just flew the BFI-HNL route to see if it would make it, but I want to fly it on Delta routes because they use it pretty often

Thanks for the tips!

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Why do I feel this is not very realistic?

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Because it’s not an actual 717 route and that this flight was done with little payload? Or that the in-game 717 is severely outdated?


I was mainly talking about the IRL flight. But I agree with the 717.

IRL? I must’ve missed something then.

I think he means he actually flew on this route, but whoever flew it leaving less than 1 min of fuel does not seem realistic in the regulations world.

Landing is easy.
Throttle 0
Spoilers Armed
Pull back while short final
After back gear touches runway pull down to land.


I usually use around 80% upward trim and 25* flaps around 145-150 knots airspeed. I find using the autothrottle makes the landing harder so manually controlling the airspeed helps. It really doesn’t like to maintain glideslope so using inputs to the autopilot until minimums will help you keep the proper glide.

Here’s the 717 checklist.

  1. Wait for rework
  2. See #1

You can vote for the rework here :)

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The 717… yeah it’s tricky.
First, you can take a look at this:

It’s an old post, but probably still applies.
Here are some notes I made for myself a couple of months ago. Keep in mind I haven’t flown it since then. See if it helps and experiment.

Flaps 30: 148-150Kts
Flaps 40: ~143-145 Kts
-3 to -3.5 degree pitch angle(very different than most other aircraft in IF)
Start round-out at 50’ AGL
Cut power 20’ AGL
Flare to pitch 2 degrees

Flaps 30 is on there because I think solo mode spawning on approach uses that setting.
Pitch is KING. Pitch = speed, so your favored pitch angle will adjust for different weights and conditions to some extent. You’ll have to use HUD view to practice And nail the pitch angle. But it’s oddly simple, at about -3 degrees = the same as standard glide slope, just point your nose at the touchdown point!
Speeds probably represent a landing weight with some end-of-flight reserve fuel, nearly full passengers, and their freaking bags, and no Christmas Turkeys :-). So how much does all that weigh?.. :-).


You can’t fly too slow in the 717 or else it will stall. The plane has to have a decent amount of thrust all the way down. 150 kts is a good speed for landing.


Why’s it gotta be just the 717? What’s wrong with the A320 family?

Yes it definitely does, but for now I use don’t use autopilot and I land at around 150 knots. Also I don’t use full flaps sometimes when it doesn’t corporate.

717 is not too tough to land…just make sure you are at an appropriate speed at final and remember to flare. The only problem i see is that it speeds up very fast, apart from that it is a beautiful aircraft.


Absolutely right.

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It is not…there is only one time a 717 flew to Hawaii from the US mainland that ik of…and to do so all the seats had to be replaced by fuel tanks…the range of the 717 is too less!

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