How do you fly into Kai Tak?

How do you fly into Kai Tak? There is no published procedures in Infinite Flight so can I get a little help? Thank you :)

Here’s a YT video of them. Just pause on which ones you need.


Here is a link to a PDF file as well if you fancy it

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So this is it:

But how do I know what altitude I must be at?

Sorry for the late reply, just below this picture in the PDF file, you can find the target altitudes. At VOR CH you should be at 6000, then start descending and maintain 1050 until 7nm from NDB SC. Once at 7nm, start descending again to a target altitude of 850ft once reaching NDB SC.

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Either you do because it no longer exists or fly to it in IF taking the terrifying checkerboard approach😂

Ah, thank you very much. I better give this a try before my subscription runs out!

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I have read about it watched videos of it listen to pilots and passengers describe it so I thought after really getting to know the IF I would take the challenge of flying the Kai Tak approach Hong Kong. Its difficult to say the least given the research. No auto pilot System approach works here and the famous Stonecutter Hill the last land mark and terrain you will see on that approach denotes your on short final 2 miles from the runway threshold @ 600 AGL and it’s also the beginning of the infamous 47 degree right hand turn to line up for landing. No wonder passengers found it unsettling as the low altitude manoeuvre banking steeply to line up with RWY 13 at 160 kts meant that they could see people’s television sets on in people’s apartments. I managed to get it done Be in the moment and you’ll be fine. 👍

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Quick question, why didn’t they use the Opposite runway, Since it’s over water, I dont remeber the number but can someone explain?

I think it was that the prevailing winds didn’t come over the mountains but did from the sea.

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In the event of an overrun, the plane runs into a lot of buildings and homes. A Go-Around would be really difficult.

Also, if planes used RWY 31, there are a lot of ships and vessels in the Victorian Harbor (in front of the 31 approach path). I don’t know if this can happen but the gusts from the plane could rock some ships.

Ahhh, I now understand thank you @Alan_Thomson and @Claudio, I know know

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Planes are also much louder after taking off than before landing so it’s preferable to have the aircraft be landing over buildings instead of taking off so it’s not as noisy

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