How do you fly an RNAV approach in IF?

How do you fly one?
because I think they are cool. but I never do them because I have no clue how to fly one, can somebody tell me how?

I do not see it
It does not tell me how to fly an RNAV approach

There are 2 types of RNAV in infinite flight: RNAV (GPS) and RNAV (RNP).

RNAV (GPS) will function like a normal GPS approach but you will need to have a flight plan to get you to the runway.

RNAV (RNP) will function as a visual approach on IF

Correct me if I am wrong

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In real life RNP means required navigation performance. The main point is that the actual navigation performance (ANP) of your nav system is compared to the required navigation performance in terms of signal accuracy and if the ANP is below the RNP the system gives you a warning and you are not allowed to fly the procedure. An RNAV system doesn’t have this warning. In IF it doesn’t matter, just file the WPTs and, as you said, decent visually and check whether your altitudes at the given WPTs are according to the ones published on the instrument approach chart.

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