How do you fly a plane inside a jumbo jet?

Recently Qantas flew two Jonker JS3 raptors (gliders) from Johannesburg to Sydney. Now you’re going to ask how on earth do you fly an aircraft let alone two inside the jumbo jet. Well the gliders were taken apart and put into smaller boxes! Since the flight, the two gliders have travelled to the FAI World Gliding Championships in Victoria.

Technically you could say these two gliders broke the record for altitude, distance, speed and endurance record as they flew from Johannesburg to Sydney.

Find out more at the Qantas Newsroom…


I know how to fly 1000000 planes in a jumbo jet.

Paper planes!!!


Duh, magic. What, you think magic wands aren’t real, prove this than. :)


Duct tape them to the outside. Taa-daa!


But what about the extra weight?

Sshhh, no one will ever suspect a thing.


Haha. But what about the drag?

An extra engine will be added to the aircraft to counteract the drag 😂.

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Oh. Got that!

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If the glider didn’t experience the lift under its own wings, i guess they didnt actually fly.

I was thinking of some weird stuns seen in movies but I misinterpreted it on a different level.

The security of ‘Ultimate Airport Dubai’ will find them. Dont worry😊 Or ‘Airport Security Colombia’


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