How do you fix the surver

How can you fix the server if you go out of the game real quick to check your battery and the ATC mic is off?

Presuming you weren’t out for too long it should reconnect by itself. If it doesn’t that means you’ve exceeded the allowed time and it will not reconnect.

Its annoying because I was on a long haul from Rome to Tokyo and I had three hours left in the flight and I got 20% battery I stayed in game to check the battery and that’s when the server wouldn’t reconnect, so I had to quit the flight because IF won’t count it as a landing.

Yeah, 20% warning usually will boot you from the server since it counts as a disconnect and normally you don’t see it immediately. At least this issue has a simple solution, just don’t let it get to 20%.

I’m trying to but my charging port is starting to wear out

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