How do you find transition altitude as a controller?

Not necessarily 4,000 feet. As Art mentioned, you want that kind of separation between planes, but the normal pattern altitude would be 1,000-1,500 feet AGL for aircraft operating patterns in the airspace. Just be sure to watch how high they are and adjust appropriately. It isn’t wrong, but just something to keep in mind.


I’m also confused if transitions are approved at or above or at or below. I hear both a lot and it confuses me.

Please keep in mind these are not real world altitudes. This is something we implemented within Infinite Flight a while ago to simplify things UNTIL the airspace class system could be revamped.


You never hear at or below. That’s not a possible command.

Transition altitude is by definition the lowest altitude at which you may pass through the airspace.

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In Infinite Flight.


Also, I’d like to point out the AGL that Josh mentions. AGL. AGL. AGL. Above ground level. NOT MSL, which is what’s used in air traffic communication. Please keep this in mind


Applies to ATC as well.


I haven’t seen the answer come through yet on where to find this information. Tyler mentioned in the YouTube tutorial that we just click on the airport and the airspace info shows up in the top right corner of the map…but it definitely doesn’t on my iPhone 6+. I also read that the airspace info isn’t accurate in real life so no use googling it. Could someone kindly explain?

Also I’ve noticed the in the tutorials that the rings on the ATC map shows the heading degrees, but I don’t see heading info outside the rings…are this issues because I’m using a phone instead of a tablet?

Last question, I promise, but say my airspace is a wired number like spc----2800ft, and a transition is requested, an I supposed to round down and clear at 2000ft? (I got this question wrong on the written lol).

Thanks for the help!

IF used to display the altitudes for the airspace of each ‘ring’ but they don’t anymore. That tutorial must be outdated now.

As a rule, IFATC has stated that the ceiling of the towers airspace is just a blanket 5000 feet AGL. That means, aircraft only need to request a transition if they are at, or below, 5000 feet AGL when transitioning through the airspace. In the same fashion, tower only needs to approve it at or below 5000 feet AGL.

Aircraft don’t need to request above 5000 feet AGL, and tower doesn’t need to ‘on-guard’ them.


So, what is correct answer to the pilot who request transition from 160000 ft?
Check tutorial…? Or Freq.change…L

Heading degrees on ATC map was there before Aug’16 update.

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I do check tutorials followed by frequency change if they request transition when above FL100 (unless I notice plane is on descend).

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I believe you must request a transistion if your 5000 feet and below is what I think I heard

@N1DG you don’t need to just write a response for the sake of it when it’s clearly been answered in more detail two comments earlier. Read the other replies first. You’re just cluttering up the thread with information that’s already provided, especially when you ‘think that’s what you heard’

To @Bare, me personally, if people request from higher up or in the Flight Levels even, it’s quicker and easier I find to just say ‘transition approved at or above 5000’

dang man. chillout. i obviously didnt know that, no need to call me out like that. didnt realize it as already answered

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Forgive me if I’m confused, but it seems you’re conflating the elevation shown on the airport info page with the “airspace altitude”.

There is no “top of airspace” info. Simply the airport elevation. You do the AGL math from there.

I’m confused by the question “if my airport is 2800, do I clear at 2000”. That would be underground.

Has your question been answered by the preceeding comments, or are you still unsure of what info is available?

As said above the default is 5000ft from ground level.

Thanks @MJames for helping shed some light, you knew exactly what I was asking!

@Tim_B thanks as well and apologies for not being clearer.

If you check out Tyler’s tutorial,

At 2:30sec, he says by clicking on the airport, in the top right corner of the map will appear the controlled airspace. Example: sfc---->2800 or surface to 2800ft tells tower controller and pilots that transition only required from surface to 2800ft (if I’m understanding correctly).

The other part of my question was theoretical. Within IFATC, if a pilot is at 2500ft, and the tower controls sfc----->2800ft, pilot requests transition, what’s the correct command: cleared at or above 2000/ at or above 3000/ at or above 5000.

I thought the answer would be: at or above 3000, but that was incorrect. The correct answer was: at or above 2000ft. And if I’m understanding correctly, the reason being is tower would be clearing outside of towers airspace if clearing at 3000 in this particular scenario.

Okay, I just wanted to clarify you weren’t referring to the elevation. I’ll be honest, I don’t see that info there anymore either. Perhaps it was outmoded in an update.

Either way, all you need is the elevation anyway, because you can do the math to AGL.

Ask 10 people, you’ll get 8 different answers. Never above 5k AGL. As far as how low to go, @JoshFly8 has very strong opinions on the subject.


Josh is whom I reached out to for clarification. Dude has been super awesome!

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