How do you find the V speeds in a full flight plan?

I really didn’t know where else to ask this question because it’s very specific but in short, I’d like to figure out where the V speeds are located on a flight plan. I’m using SimBrief for my flights and the V speeds are the only part of the flight that I really couldn’t find. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You might find your answer here:

It’s no biggie but make sure you search before posting about something that has already been answered 😁

by the way you need to use the JBU flight plan in simbrief for Vspeeds

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So correct responses are above, (Use JBU format and checkout simbrief help posts) but also check this out below. Also note, JBU format in Simbrief still wont give you every single aircraft, especially smaller and GA aircraft, but it will for the most.

All Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Profiles (My New Topic, *Version 20.2, Wiki!) - Ground School / Community Tutorials - Infinite Flight Community

What exactly is a JBU flight plan because I can’t seem to find out what it is online?

A Jetblue flight plan format. If you want to use it, change OFP layout to JBU.

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To add, most OFP layouts don’t offer v-speeds as for most operators, these are calculator by the crew using an electron flight bag (tablet) or other method.

Ah ok thank you. I really appreciate it

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