How do you find and search usernames of people on IFC and Dm them?

Had this question, because I have many questions for somebody I found in the training server, can anybody help?

If you have their username, go to the search bar and type in their name. Their name should be shown in game when you tap on them, if it is not then it means their IFC and game is not connected .

Click the 3 Bars in the top right - click “users” - then search the name of the person you wish to find.


Yes the search bar is only for topics. You will need to find the user tab first, in the menu

Not true, the search bar has a section on the right of usernames.

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Click the three lines in the top corner, click users, search for their name, click their profile and send them a message

My bad. I’m never on the website. Only the app!🤪

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