How Do You Feel When Other People Fly Your Planned Route

For me , i think it’s good because u know sb is joining u in the journey , as long as he/she maintain a safe distance then it’s fine

Well I think it’s fine and I enjoy when people want to explore new places with me as long as they maintain proper spacing but the one thing that annoys me is when you land and they park right next to you when there are tons of other parking options and they choose to park next to you

I feel very annoyed because once I had someone I’m not disclosing their IFC username so they are not hated copy my FPL and literally fly through me and annoyed me so much.

Well…it happens ig

I couldn’t care less if someone copies my flight plan. Taking off right after me and proceeding to fly through me is another matter.

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If people copy my flight plan, that just makes me happy because they think it’s a good flight plan.

If people copy my flight plan and then proceed to fly in front of me and pretend that they’re the leader, then I start to get riled up.

When someone else is flying my planned route, I feel like I’m being followed.

I don’t mind at all, so long as they adhere to the rules and expected standards

You can normally tell pretty quick if they aren’t taking things seriously (very rare thankfully) so I either delay my pushback so they get bored or they’ll have forgotten to fuel up properly anyway and disappear quite soon after take off 😂

I use Simbrief, so I am more happier when I have other pilots copying and flying the same route, as in real life there’ll be more that one aircraft in most cases heading to a certain destination, i check and find them in IF and start a conversation.

I’m fine with people copying my fpl, as long as they maintain proper spacing

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