How Do You Feel When Other People Fly Your Planned Route

I am just curious to know:
How do you feel when other people fly “your” planned flight?


To expand on the topic, an example situation would be where you take your time and effort to make a realistic flight plan and some one simply spawns in and copies your flight plan.

Another very similar situation could be if you have a filed flight plan and some time into your flight another person also joins you with your route.

How would you feel in these situations?

  • Annoyed
  • Indifferent
  • Excited

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I don’t think it really matters, if you fly a route and make it using something like FpltoIF then there is a good chance that it is just a coincidence that they are flying the same route as you.


I don’t mind when people fly the same route as me. It just bugs me when they are 10nm behind you


But what about like routes between two airports that are featured in the ATC schedule or events like FNF?

An example:

Tomorrow’s ATC schedule features RJTT and KORD and the route served by NH112

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I don’t really think it matters provided that they maintain proper spacing. However, I do get a little excited to see people flying realistic routes with realistic flight plans.


Personally, I get somewhat annoyed because I did put a lot of effort into planning and they just copied it. As many others have stated, it’s even worse when they don’t maintain proper separation. This feature could be helpful if you don’t want people copying your flight plan: Option to turn off flight plan copying


I don’t know why but I personally like to be unique with my routes and airlines when flying into open airports. I find other people tagging along a little annoying…


I like the effort that was put into creating this topic; however, is there any chance you can expand on your original post? It’s a bit vague and could use a little more detail.


I usually am the slightest annoyed but the worst was when I put 30 minutes putting a flight plan in, someone copied it 15 minutes after I departed and then I crashed (I don’t know how but it was randomly in flight) and they kept flying. I guess I don’t care but I also don’t want a situation like that to happen again so I always don’t like it.

I’m indifferent because I use Quick and easy. No big deal.

I’ve found many airlines use the FAA prefered routes, which leads to many commercial flights staying on the same track. If it happens in real life, I’m indifferent to it in the sim.

It’s not like the person who made that route owns it even though it’s annoying you can’t stop them.

I mean, I never really put a lot of effort into my FPL’s so I don’t really care.

I really don’t care much as long as the person doesn’t disturb my flight okay

Considering i use fpltoif for basically all my flights, good chance other aircraft doing the route have the same fpl.

And IF is about enjoying community to me, so the more along for the journey the better

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I’d be pretty excited knowing someone else will be joining me. However, if they are flying from either San Francisco or San Jose and they don’t follow correct procedures, I’d be annoyed…


Assuming they copy my FP, how could I possibly be annoyed when another aircraft wants to follow proper STAR/ SID procedures. I personally enjoy flying realistic routes between two IFATC scheduled airports. If another pilot just so happens want to do the same, more the merrier. Just please maintain spacing :)

I don’t care at all. As long as they don’t get in the way (most of the time they don’t) then I’m totally 100% indifferent.

I know it’s something I shouldn’t care about, but sometimes it just ticks me off when I plan to fly a realistic route for a full week ahead and then someone just spawns in to fly the same route. It just bugs me with all that planning put in. Otherwise I’m kinda ok with it in the end

As long as they dont use the same callsign or purposely do annoying stuff, im fine with them