How do you feel when issuing a Go Around?

Hey IFC! Missed you guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted but decided to hop in and ask you guys a quick question. This will mainly pertain to the IFATC on Expert Server. So as i’m literally in flight as of right now, I was issued a go around, so I did that and nothing went wrong. But then I thought to myself, How does IFATC feel when issuing a go around if a pilot is going too slow or too fast? So i decided to ask the community and see your opinions on this issue. But that’s all that I have so have a good day! ♥️

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How do I feel like? I don’t think I have a feeling when issuing a go around.

Safety and off course realism is a priority in Infinite flight (especially on expert). As being IFATC we always keep an eye on near collisions. If I feel or see it’s going wrong I will take action.


For me, it’s a slightly disappointing feeling when I control, but then right away it puts me on alert because sometimes pilots completely disregard the go-around command.

It depends for me. If the pilot was coming in too fast or too high then I’m not fazed smashing that go-around button. If I was slow in issuing a takeoff or exit command then I would feel a bit of guilt.

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Do you mean towards IF

Try not to crash and try to be realistic

How do I feel as IFATC? Well after I issue one to a pilot I close my eyes and say a prayer. Why? Well, as Forrest Gump would say “Watching a go around as IFATC is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Here is the go around tutorial. It’d be nice to see some more consistency of pilots doing it the right way rather than a 360 short of the runway, turning the wrong way, etc…


I’m not IFATC but in a pilot view point for me in Infinite Flight I feel that when a controller issues a go around there is a obviously a reason why for that and I’m grateful for the controller being aware instead of me having to initiate a go around at times. I don’t mind going around here and there, but it gets annoying sometimes if a person getting off the runway isn’t expediting and disregards your there on a short final or doesn’t know your there when your on a short final when they’ve been told to expedite to exit the runway. In the end the go around procedure has a good meaning behind it and it’s for the best and we have to remember that.

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yes it is towards IF

I don’t really mind it that much. I mean i’d rather send the pilot around that have them land on top of someone.

Not the least bit guilty.

If you’re coming into, oh, I don’t know, Tampa during FNF and you’re the fourth plane in line for landing within the cone and you think 240 knots is an appropriate speed, I’m not even wasting my time.

Go around.

[While I have a chance, this is just example number 12,439 of how Realism™ on IFC only refers to meaningless things like which liveries park at which gates but ignores simple things like slowing down to land. Or taxiing to the runway at 40 knots but puttering off the runway for 5 minutes at 3 knots when you know there’s a line of 30 people who need it clear.]


What’s infuriating is when I issue a go around and instead the plane just decides to do a 360.

Absolutely, that is.

A go around includes flying all the way to upwind before turning.

Who decides if they are too fast or too high?!

When I issue a go around to an aircraft, it sometimes can’t be helped. Another aircraft may have taken to long to exit the runway upon landing, or may of stopped short to request taxi to parking and is causing a runway incursion.

The controller would decide, but the pilot can also initiate a go around themselves of they’re uncomfortable with anything when landing.

An aircraft could be flying to fast for example and could impede seperation with another aircraft.

Ok so who decides if they are too high?

The pilot can initiate a go around if they believe they are to high.

If ATC is active they can also initiate a go around, if they see that the aircraft is to high.

This is what I’m trying to get at. How would ATC know if you’re too high?

We have data tags when controlling that shows an aircrafts altitude. Aircraft should be intercepting the ILS or GPS cone around 3,000 AAL.