How do you "execute" a hold as a pilot?


I’ve never been quite sure how to execute a hold as a pilot when a radar controller tells you to. Could someone explain what I should do when a controller tells me to hold at a certain fix or VOR?


Normally from what I know you would use a/p to turn 180 degrees, fly for 1 min, turn 180, fly for 1 min etc. There is a graphic on your map to show you, the waypoint is so that a controller can instruct you to hold when you reach that point. Look on your map or watch the hold tutorial to see what I mean


oh ok that makes more sense. I will check out the tutorial video.

Not very helpful, could try and answer his question instead of saying how good you are. You could be flagged by others if you just do this instead of contributing to the topic


Hey man there’s many types to ways to execute/enter a holding pattern, go to this link and read up all about it.

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yeah he is fine I know who he is ;)

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The command for “hold at VOR” is broken and it sends the command to the wrong pilot. If you get “hold present position” then a circle should appear, follow that circle in the direction the controller assigns.

@SF34… Google & UTube are your friends. Enter “Holding Patterns” in eather source for a complete tutorial, Max


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