How do you execute a go around or cancel a take off?

Hi guys,

I had two queries… wonder if you could help or point me in the right direction

  1. Is there a tutorial or guide available anywhere on how to execute a go-around? When to retract gear… flap… how far up to pitch up?

  2. If we wanted to cancel take off while it it safe to do so before take off speed has been reach… e.g. realise no flaps deployed or something… just for example… how would you go about… especially from an ATC perspective, considering we don’t want to get ghosted!!


Here is the tutorial for a go-around


And for your second question

If you are on expert, ATC most likely knows what you are doing, so they will give you an exit runway command and then contact ground. I am no IFATC controller so dont quote me on that

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And for your takeoff, if you have no flaps, you probably can’t do anything but just rotate at a higher speed. And for the go around please check out the topic @Scandanavian54super linked. I recommend to PM a controller about if you’d get ghosted if you cancelled your takeoff for whatever reason.

Yeah no flaps was just an example… whatever the reason may be, i just wonder how we go about cancelling a take-off

id imagine we’d get off the runway to the taxi-way and request frequency change to ground maybe?

Yeah, what other examples would there be? Trim? I take off with 0 trim and it works fine. I’m going to start doing proper trim though.

So if you have 0 trim, then you’re fine.

it doesn’t have to be a technical reason as such… it could be anything… to do with the game or reality… there have been occasions, with both reasonings where i wish i could have cancelled take off and not just quit the game abruptly

Well in that case, you should PM an IFATC controller and ask them if you’d get ghosted, I don’t think you would as it’s a real world procedure. Still, you should PM a controller :)

Hopefully one can give their input on this thread :)

We don’t typically check the IFC while we’re controlling. If you need to abort a takeoff (which you shouldn’t have to do very often, and hopefully not in a busy airspace), slow down and turn off the runway in a timely manner.

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Would you request frequency change to ground?

Upon noticing that you are executing takeoff, we will issue an exit command that tells you to contact ground once you are off the runway.

If we need you to cancel, we will send you “Cancel takeoff clearance, hold position”.


About the takeoff cancellation, go with what @Scandanavian54super mentioned. As a controller I’ve seen a few pilots cancel their takeoff. I noticed it, told them to exit runway and contact ground and asked them for their intentions. Some wanted to taxi to parking; others wanted to taxi to the runway again and have another go.

Tip for this situation: as pilot don’t do ‘ready to taxi’. Be more specific: taxi to parking or to what runway.

No harm done, no worries 😊


MaxSez: Please Just answer the “Question” Bloviators! Extemporaneous Comments, think pieces, opinions ect. are bloviations… of no value. The question is “Aborted Take Off Procedure” and appropriate ATC communication announcing intent!
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Sorry i didn’t quiet get the bloviators bloviation bit but the rest i thank you for


Thank you very much appreciate this reply azeeuwnl! :)

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@n587kk The takeoff speed depends on the weight of the aircraft and I usually use 1 or 2 knoches of flaps.

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