How do you escort another aircraft?

I’m having trouble maintaining the direction of the aircraft im following. Is there anyway to do it without swerving to the right or left repeatedly

If you click on the aircraft you want to escort in the map option, you can copy it’s flight plan by hitting the copy FPL plan button on the bottom. I think it’s the best way to stay close to the aircraft you are escorting.

Also, I suggest using navigation mode, so your plane follows the FPL. You have to focus on the speed and the altitude of the aircraft, but once you’re close, just turn on regular AP for speed and altitude and you can always stay close.

I see. But it doesn’t do too well because it tries taking me to where the person started instead of their current position?

Well then you can open up the fight plan menu, select the waypoint that you want to go to, and press ‘ACT’, which will activate the leg of the flight plan and your plane will follow it. :)

Also, I recommend escorting with someone while chatting with them. Then you can communicate on speed, alt, heading, etc.

I just go space shuttle status, go about 30nm behind them, come up to them at Mach 1.5 and when u get close just deploy full flaps, gear and anything else you have to slow u down, works every time

Once you copied down the person’s FPL, open up the FPL+MAP view on your map. Find the leg of the FPL that the person is currently flying and set is as active.

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You can also delete the WPT waypoint

You don’t really need to unless they’re flying VFR, as during a long haul when you’re asleep in the middle of it they’re most likely just going to follow their flight plan and a certain cruise speed, with a few stepclimbs

Also, I highly recommend you to not follow or ‘escort’ people on expert. It’s highly unrealistic and can really tick some people off.
And you could infact get ghosted if you’re flying in IFATC Controlled airspace.
The only time that you should be escorting someone on expert is if you have that persons permission (via the community/VA chats). And when you do so, you should be using the ‘Flight of 2’ prefix.


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