How do you edit links

Hey I’m just wondering on how I can edit a link because instead of having a long link I want to have a short link because I’ve seen many IFC people do it and I’m wondering on how to do it or is there a special requirement

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If you are talking about Hyperlinking, where the text becomes blue and clickable. While making/editing the post, press the link button on the right side of the Italics, that’ll provide you with a way to make a shorter link.

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Where is it though

It is the 2 interconnecting loops, that form a link, when editing on PC you’ll find it up the top, along with the image adder.

Again when on PC, you can use the command CTRL+K to pull up the window for hyperlinking

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Ok cool thanks 👍

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J2S link
It’s just the circled symbol here.
hope this helps ;P

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Thank you so much @Ondrejj and @Connor

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