How do you “download all”

Hi I recently got the pro subscription of Infinite Flight and I know for me to see all the planes in need to download all planes. I’ve read that there is a “Download all” button you can press that can download all the planes… I was just wondering where that was. If you could just guide me that’d be great and if appreciate all the help! 👍


All you have to do is fly them and they should download in the process of loading your flight
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Aircraft will automatically download whilst flying them or seeing other people in that livery.

I also suggest enabling download airplanes over cellular data in settings. Settings->Live->Automatic Airplane Downloads Over Cellular Data .

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Yes there was. After the 19.1 update, the plane you are using is downloaded once you load into the flight

Yep you used to have to download all the planes but now you just choose what you want to fly and the livery and it will just download that particular one.

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Go into settings and enable automatic download over cellular data. The next time you start a flight, all the aircraft should be downloaded.

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Hey there Mat

The idea to download, isn’t the same as you download music or other, I mean, when you fly an Airplane it downloads automatically into you account!
But you won’t be able to fly all the airplanes you have downloaded into solo, anyway, hope I have help you.

Hey! Welcome to the forum. Follow what @anon7075715 has mentioned above and you’ll be good to go. You can find this option in the live part of the settings. However if you want to downalod all the aircrafts over WiFi then you would have to do it manually.
Hope this helps :)

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