How do you do this?

Hello I was looking for a nice checklist to do a flight from Burbank Bob Hope-San Diego(or) MMTJ since we don’t have the region of San Francisco and la connected (I’m limited).But anyways. I was wondering how do you do this as shown

I assume that the person has downloaded the IF checklists app and then used a feature on their iPad (idk how to do it) to have it as an overlay on their screen.

Well thanks for the help.

It’s the app-in-app feature. Simply swipe up from the bottom when running IF and drag the second app to the left or right corner.

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Can it work on a iPhone XR

I just saw this in my Apple settings (in the General tab)


Personally I wonder how to do this too, you should investigate using this info and search up if you can do this on an IPhone.

Technically you can use slack and infinite flight at the same time with that

@N319CL and @Mr-plane-guy1 the multiple apps feature is unfortunately exclusive to the IPads - due to the fact that they have a much bigger screen - this sort of thing would be a bit fiddly on the IPhone screen sizes (apart from maybe the IPhone XS Max) - hopefully it will be available on IPhones in the future.

Thanks for your understanding.

I just looked at the apple help page and it looks like you are right. Here’s the link…

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Another link worth looking at:

I think IF is a Fullscreen only app so you have to use the overlay, you can’t use split view on the iPad Pro at least.

To do that you must have an iPad. It comes with the new multitasking ability. You can do it with any app, not just IF companion apps.

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