How do you delete a flight plan?

I was filing my flight plan and the delete flight plan tab came up and I was wondering how to do that in case I need to do that again?

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Normally just type something new or replace a flight plan to do so. I’m pretty sure you just tap on something though

I think there is a “clear” button somewhere.

If you’re adding waypoints to a FPL and you inadvertently tap the D icon you will be prompted to clear your FPL and fly Direct to the new waypoint.

There’s also a clear button on the map page.

Press on the ‘map’ button, go to map fpl and you will find the ‘clear’ button :)

Also, the #support category is only for issues related to the app. #general would be more suitable :)


Ok thank you I just ended my flight and used the clear button

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What’s been said above answered all your question…let me add little bit extra. I’m bored :)

1) Active leg (Megenta)
2) Picked leg (you can touch on leg to pick, amber)
3) Deletes one leg (you pick a leg, delete)
4) Activate leg (pick, activate leg)
5) Clears all leg (deletes flight plan)
6) Swap leg (pick a leg move up down to swap places)


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