How do you define a smooth landing?

Hi guys, as a beginner to the game I’m recently practising my landings again and again , but I really dont know whether I am doing fine or not, so how do you guys define a smooth landing ?any indicator as a reference ? By V/S ? G force ? Or etc…

Thanks for the great advice!!

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-200ft/s or below


When still having all your teeth after hitting the ground i call smooth…
But for real…it should been max 200 like ☝️️ He said…slower is better…


A landing which you walk away from and the aircraft is still airworthy is smooth enough for me. If we’re talking flight parameters, as Jompa said anything less than -200ft/m would be considered smooth.

Less than -200vs, both main gears touching down at the same time, smoothly flaring and smoothly lowering the nose gear.

400-300 fpm at touchdown

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I’m not so sure there. I don’t think i’ve seen a glideslope that shallow in the game as of yet.

Ok Landing - One where most people can walk away.
Good Landing - One where everyone walks away
Amazing Landing - One where everyone walks away and the plane can be reused


It depens of you but I would say when you dont feel the touchdown and the nose wheel is in air for some time.

Anything below 1G of force on landing, which happens to be around -200fpm

I usually look at G-force 1/1.1 is where I try to touch down.
Besides the round thing in the HUD (I dont know how its called), which indicates the true flight path should indicate an as horizontal flight path as possible.

Not landing like a Ryan air pilot


More like an Air Canada pilot.

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If you want smooth look up Ryan Air landings

Or Jet Airways lol.

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As in hard or soft?

This is the landing we all want to have.

The animati- I mean landing was pretty smooth, the pilot just pushed down that nose gear.

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Very soft.