How do you decision your VR and approach speed?

Hey guys!
I’m just curious how do you decision your rotate speed and approach speed?
Just intuition or are you calculating properly?
And if you calculating, how do you derive it?
Please tell me your opinion if you wish.
Thank you!

I would recommend using this as a guide, or use IFASSISTANT.


I dont calculate my approach speeds, i use my flaps between 190-155kts depands on small to heavy in return the pitch angle would change then i keep my pitch between 2, 3° on glideslope. That would give indication of too fast, too slow or going to stall.


Thank you!
I’ll see it!


For takeoff speeds, I spawn in on solo and do a few trials. For landing, mostly just figure it out during the approach, with a general idea coming into it.


I have been waiting to share these and now is the perfect time. Here are some performance logs/operating manuals that I have found and use when flying as a reference:
Note: Some are documents on a website and require a search of the phrases “V1” and/or “Vref”
Note: The weight measurements are not uniform and may switch between pounds and kilograms.

Here’s the topic for v speeds of other aircraft that the community made as well.

I hope this helps!


The V1,Vr and Vref is often caculated by the computer on the aircraft. but since I don’t know how to caculate it, I often pull the yoke gently at about 130kts and the aircraft should pitch up at Vr. after that, hold the pitch at 5 degrees or so until the aircraft starts to climb. My intuition does all the rest.

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