How do you decide what plane to fly?

Do you guys stick with one plane all the time? Or do you wake up one day and fly the TBM and the next day the A380?

Like for me, I flew the CRJ900 for a few months then decided to upgrade, and now I’ve been flying the A321 for the past month. I just stick with the same aircraft to stay use to the control inputs and speeds.


I usually fly a combination of short - ULHs.

Depending on my route, I always use the aircraft used in the real-world route. No exceptions. Unless there’s no livery in IF to replicate the plane IRL.

VAs are a whole different matter.

We get used to different aircraft pretty quickly.


Mate when you’re in a few different VA’s and love long hauls because you can go out and do things cut the grass, go for a drive and just live life, you have a great day then land and get hours and better routes and planes, so basically anything from the 767 to the A388 i fly, on any given day, it’s rare you’ll catch me in anything smaller 👍🙂


After hours of trying to decide😂 I finally pick a flight to fly and I look a FR24 for the accurate aircraft to the flight I’m flying


Actually I just fly whatever I feel like, randomly


I decide by searching the routes on FlightAware. I always use RL plane types and routes.


I am a member of a VA (AFKLM), as all other VA, our flights is based to real life flight, we usually have a list where we can see where to go, and how long is the flight etc…,then we just have to choose one.

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I more than 80% of the time will fly Long Hauls + Ultra Long Hauls. That way I can get work done while my plane is flying for hours and hours to at the end of it all gain one landing to my stats… so, How do I decide?

Easy! I usually stick to major Bravo airports, and mainly US West Coast (SFO / LAX), Europe (FRA, CDG, ARN, CPH, LHR, etc…) and Asia (HND, ICN, PEK, HKG, SIN, BKK, etc…). That way I usually look for a flight connecting the big major cities of each continent and then fly either a very popular and frequent flown flight among tourists and business i.e. HKG-LAX, or I pick a flight I have never flown before, and there are plenty that I have not flown easily found by randomly pressing on planes currently flying in the air on FlightRadar24.

Sometimes, I search for hidden gems, shorts hauls with heavy aircraft, like Incheon to Da Nang, with Asiana B744 for an example. So a combination od randomly pressing on airborne aircraft on a flight tracking service website and flying popular, densely packed flights, that are known to be crowded and profitable.

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I don’t actually have particular trouble with any one aircraft.
The trick is to figure out what trim setting to use, possibly in solo first, but then using the magenta bar. Wikipedia will have the normal cruise speed right there for you.

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I fly in only one plane, my private plane, the 737 BBJ.(perfect plane for both long and short haul flights, but I wish the Gulfstream V or global 6000 was in the game) Very rarely I switch to another plane for 1 flight, just because otherwise I feel like I don’t use all the best parts of the game.


The aircraft in real life

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No subscription + live cockpit + airliner = A321

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I use the plane passed on the real Aircraft that fly the route actually i Google my route and see which airline fly this route and the timing and the airplane to make my flights more realistic

I find the ATC schedule, and fly an aircraft either from personal database, or Flightradar24 with a good timing :)

i check ATC schedule and then flightradar24. in this way i can do a huge variety of flights with little effort searching.

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I fly the plane that’s used on the real route, CRJ, 737, etc. But I never have done a long haul, I want to do my first long haul in the A350.

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I never do the timing thing, just doesn’t work with short hauls on the wrong side of the earth.
I usually try avoid landing commercial aircraft at like 3am though (and SQ21/22 as well)

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Just checking that how the intended route to be flown has been flown in real life in terms of route, gates, cruising altitude (if applicable) and of course aircraft type and it’s availability in a particular company’s livery in the simulator…

I usually move between plane manufacturers Like I will fly Boeing 777 one day and the next time I fly long haul it’s a a330 or a380 then I use Flightradar24 for real world routes

I don’t think cruise altitude from IRL is actually the most efficient in IF always lol