How do you create an infinite flight event on c/live/events?

Title explains it, Thanks!

You need to be TL2, currently you are TL0, just be productive!

In order to post in #live:events you must be TL2, Keep liking, making meaningful posts, and maintaining daily activity on the forum and you should be there shortly.

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Reach TL2. This is achieved by contributing to the forum (liking posts, reading posts, etc).

Ok, thanks! this should be helpful. but is there like a guideline to creating a event?

See this:


How do I check if I am TL2 or TL0? Thanks!

Look in your profile, it will tell you your current trust level, you’re currently Trust Level 0 as you have joined very recently, when you reach higher trust level’s you will receive a little “Badge”

You will be notified.

You will get a notification when you become basic or member.

All of you said that the same time lol

You’ll also receive something like this

Alright, thanks to all of yall have a good night! I will be flying to turkey at 11:00 PST today if anyone wants to join me (KLAX

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Definitely answered.