How do you create a time lapse video for infinite flight

I’ve started a YouTube channel and I want to start making time lapse videos to get more views but I don’t really know how to speed up time. I use iMovie but the fastest time you can make it on my phone is 2x speed. Does anybody know how to make it faster?

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Find a better video editor. that’s all I can say.
Now I’m not a video editing master, but I’m sure if you google it you’ll find something.

I would recommend DaVinci Resolve. It’s quite professional and has a lot of options.

AAAA… ummm … can someone tell me how they record their flights?!

There are few apps that you can record. For now, I know there is Kinemaster and I cannot remember other the app’s name. I know Kinemaster has timelapae which you can set the speed up or slower.

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Ok thank you. I’ll check it out

If your on iPhone if you swipe up there should be a little red button on the bottom tap that and then you are recording. I think that’s only on the iPhone though

You should have very very good Storage.
I make Time Lapse videos and i don’t have much storage so i jump a bit in the replay when i record.

If you are using an Apple device you can use the screen record function as @Sean_McCormack said, but you may need to follow these steps:

Not so sure about Android though…

For IOS I use Luma fusion to edit my videos it’s 40$ but I think it’s now 20$ idk I got it long time ago but for screen recorder I use the Apple built one here’s the outcome check it out!

I’ve started to use KineMaster. Thanks btw because it has 4x and higher and that’s just what I need but when I put the speed up to 4x or higher. The video doesn’t run smoothly at all. It’s just really jumpy

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