How do you create a custom Callsign?

I just opened up for a month subscription of Live. The question I have is, how do you make a custom callsign? Sorry if it’s a common or stupid question, but I’ve seen many people have custom ones ant that makes me want to have my own.


Hope this helps

If you want a custom callsign change it from there

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Thanks! When I searched callsign, I didn’t see any topics so I created a new one.

First, welcome to the forum. This isn’t a noob question at all. In the multiplayer menu, you will see your account info (experience flight hours etc) click on that and you’ll see a tab where you can change it. Hope this helps!

I keep getting errors, but I will give it time.

Yes this is a bug for if you can suggest the topic to the dev team

Restart the app and you should be fine :)

Welcome to the forums first of all.

It’s suggested already, use the search function. Thanks :)

Also, I’m not new to the forum btw.


Lol joined December 2015 😂

I can create a custom callsign, but am limited to 8 characters and no spaces. How do I get around that, if possible? ATC insists on spelling out the callsign phonetically instead of saying the word.

That was to prevent it pronouncing rude words so it at least doesn’t sound as bad.
You still have a report button.

So those who have their callsigns are set, and the rest of us have to deal? Also, what happened to ATC? They mispronounce a LOT now! Crosswind/downwind/Unicom…I could go on