How do you control "Unknown" aircraft

When I was doing ATC at KLAX today, there is an aircraft that has labeled “unknown” at the short of R24. Therefore one aircraft couldn’t takeoff due to that aircraft sitting in front of. What would you do if you got such situation while doing ATC? P.S I wasn’t doing ground and tower, however, I did instructed other taxing aircrafts to hold position in order to allow push back for the stacked aircraft, but it didn’t work.


I tend to let them be as I can’t do anything. I may make an obvious gap in inbound traffic to allow them to TO etc.


Any reason why UNK aircraft appear? Is it connection issues or is it Matt?

Actually still don’t know the answer to that. Maybe @carmalonso might

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having an unknown aircraft is good every so often if you look toward handling emergancies. personally I like to treat as a “pan pan pan” call what that is is a aircraft requests no disturbance what so ever by the ATC and the aircraft direct its self towards the airport. its an distress callout as well I think. ;] hope his helps.

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That good for idea for the incoming traffic, but for take off if there is any emergencies aircraft will request to back taxi to parking or EMS in reality.

Yeah, at KLAX I did exactly same as your one.

I think “Unknown” still a callsign like another one.
The only important thing is the communication, intentions and clearances.

I don’t think so… See the aircraft type isn’t shown

Its an important thing sir, you’re right :)

It’s usually caused by an error somewhere between the user’s device and yours. Could be that it didn’t register their info properly when they started the session, causing it to return data as unknown.

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So I encountered an UNK aircraft while controlling in PG but I couldn’t send any instructions to it. So is that a connection issue or a developer?

Most likely connection issues. If a developer/tester’s aircraft type displays as unknown (and everything else is shown properly), then it’s just meaning that the other user is using something you don’t have (new plane for example).


Thanks for clarifying! That must’ve been a new plane :P

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