How do you control “Center”?

Hey fellow IFC members! I saw a frequency called “Center” when I was doing a flight out of LAX. Now I know that there is a Center frequency in RL but I never saw the option to control Center in the “ATC options table when you click on an airport. Can someone tell me how you can control Center? I haven’t been on IF that long (4 month) so please help!

Center was removed in the global update


Well actually Centre has been removed due to issues with Global.
However Centre would be controlling above 28,000ft. They would guide you around the place and hand you over to the next Centre frequency. You can understand why it was removed, most people, sleep, go to school or hang around with friends above 28,000ft.


Centre is controlling traffic above FL180.

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But I never get tuned into the Center frequency. It just gives me random Unicoms or no frequency at all. Does this mean someone HAS TO BE controlling?

No once can control it since the Global update

Wait wait wait, is it 180 or 280???

So it just controls itself?


Read what people are posting.

Center does not exist anymore. It was removed with Global.


I’m sorry guys, I’m really confused

There is no Center frequency anymore. No one can control it, nor is there an automated center.

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K so Center was removed. Got that…

Can a mod please close this now?