How do you compensate for not having the command “please follow instructions”?

Relatively recently on the training server, the command “please follow instructions” was removed due to abuse of the command. The reason why I’m making this topic is simple, I’d like to hear how you have been compensating for not having the command.

I believe the command “please follow instructions” without the “or you will be ghosted” is a sensible command that reminds the pilot to follow the controllers’ instructions.

I’ve seen instances where controllers’ have found other commands that are “similar” to please follow instructions but are more specific, to compensate for the loss of such a vital command. Here’s a list of commands/new bad habits:

  • Frequency busy, please transmit important messages
  • Frequency busy, please be patient
  • Say intentions
  • You’re already cleared to land, avoid uncessary reports
  • Attention all aircraft, airport is busy, please be patient

I understand how “please follow instructions or you will be ghosted” is a command that’s not fit for a server that does not enforce ghosting, but “please follow instructions” is something that’s pretty vital to controlling. The argument that it was abused I believe, it surely applies to the “or you will be ghosted” portion though that was not present until a recent update this year in May.


Hey Trio, I completely have to agree with you, it is a vital command on TS, or at least it was while I was a TS controller oh so long ago.


Thank @Trio

I would agree that some version of this would help a lot. I have been practicing a fair amount at LAX and EGLL to see how long I can hang on despite the shenanigans and as you likely know it is very difficult when pilots start taxiing to any runway they want or line up without clearance.

Could a temporary ghost be an option to at least keep them away for a few hours? Perhaps that would help them better understand the protocol.

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Frequency busy,please transmit important messages is what I send

No that will never be an option both ATC and pilots are learning aka Training server. As for why it was removed it lost its value on the Expert Server when people would leap from the training server with or without the “or you will be ghosted”. This is why it was removed, as a recruiter I’d prefer Training server controllers learn ways around using the command so it’s use has more meaning on the Expert Server as intended.


I noticed the NOTAMS restrictions command is still there with a threat of ghosting. Any reason that would be used on training? I can’t set any restrictions that I am aware of…

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I totally agree, I’ve brought this up on two occasions, and I’m now getting frustrated that the trolls on IF are getting the upper hand, I had 24 changed frequency requests after telling someone that they were already told to change Frequency.

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