How do you choose your Tablet/Phone?[Poll]

Based on…

  • Speed/Memory
  • Screen size
  • Storage Capacity
  • Battery Performance
  • Brand Loyalty(fanboyism)

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I chose the newest stuff

Brand loyalty knowing it’s the best ;)

cough iPad :P

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Apple products offer all of the things. Well, besides fanboyism. More like not wanting to switch to another platform.

Already voted but I’ll throw in my 2 cents since I’m here again.

Speed/Memory: Speed and memory are huge in my book.
Screen Size: I find it difficult to fly IF usingn a larger screen
Storage Capacity: See selection #1
Battery Performance: Important but as long as the battery lasts longer than 5 hrs., I’m fine
Fanboyism: Only break from this if the manufacturer fails to provide a sufficient product. Not happened yet

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@Boeing707 you are right bout screen size for flying, better in iphone then iPad. maybe iPad good for atc.

Relax Nicholas! ✌

Hey, don’t think I use Samsung lol but lot of people use Samsung, don’t think that everyone has an Iphone.

What are you thinking of buying anyway