How do you change the voice of the ATC?

I noticed a video where the voice of the ATC was a male voice Connected/disconnected issue
On my IOS IPad2 it is a women, when it gets busy her voice sounds like nagging ;)
Did try to look @ settings if I could change this but no succes.
Does anyone know where I can change this?

For Android users, it’s just a case of changing the TTS (Text-To-Speech) settings.
Not sure where this setting would be on an iPad/Phone, unless Siri’s settings are controlling the TTS engine.


thnx I’ll check it out and will look in that direction

Siri change voice IOS gender does seem to do the work.

but on my iPad2 with IOS8.3 with for some reason no Siri (?) so I tried work around changing speech and language settings with another language (Dutch) as main, this didn’t (yet) work.
Changing my main language to UK English to US English (hoping a male voice would show up) I discovered another funny “bug” despite the same female voice over.

On my settings US on my dutch ipad with UK main settings suddenly the graphics options only showed

when I put it back to UK I had the similar settings back as usual when my main language is set to Dutch and second option English UK - [not a photoshop trick] but nothing really to do with my initial question but just something I noticed. funny :unamused: