How do you call it? Ground to Tower...

Pilot was directed to taxi and contact tower when ready. Pilot is on ground and is holding short of the runway. You hear “… request frequency change”. After yelling at the screen, what do you do?

  • “Frequency change already sent”
  • “Frequency change approved.”
  • “Check help pages”
  • Ignore request.
  • Other, state below.

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Forgive me for my first poll. Plus anything we can do to educate pilots is a plus. Part of me wishes the taxi command said “Taxi to runway xxx, hold short and contact tower when first in line”


I know this post is similar, but I was curious what other controllers actually do and also hopes that pilots see it too. Hoping for a friendly discussion to help the new ATCs who want to improve.

Who responded frequency change approved that isn’t the correct awnser :)


Its a learning opportunity. This came up as I was asking random questions to my recruiter. Then as I am flying around to different airports I hear different things. So I was just curious. I am a referee in one of my many other jobs and one thing we do all the time to keep our skills sharp is “You make the call” types of questions.


If you say:
"Taxi to Runway XX, contact Tower when ready "

this means, that you should taxi to Runway XX and when you are ready, you should contact Tower.

But if a pilot says: “Ready to taxi to Runway XX”
And the Ground only say : " Continue taxi ",

the ground has not given the frequency change.

The pilot has to ask, because the command didn’t said anything for frequency change…


@Aviation you bring up a great point.

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If they just tell you to continue taxi with a taxi request they aren’t doing the job properly


I send you’ve already been told to change, then check help pages

I say “thank you, good day”

I ignore you. Your odviosly incompetent or you can’t read and your on the Playground or I tell you to turn right/left continue taxi … Max Sends


The only time “continue taxi” should be used is if you have been previously told to “hold position”. If a pilot request and specific runway then the controller must confirm or deny the runway. Saying “continue taxi” is assuming the aircraft was already taxiing, which shouldn’t happen without permission.

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Which means that the only correct answer is Frequency change already sent @Aviation @Chris_S @mbmhwue148

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I’ll send frequency change already sent and if that aircraft is on the runway may be send check help pages and than instruct again to contact tower because that is best way to do if that pilot doesn’t understand what to do.( I wanna believe that they are don’t understand system properly,but when I looked up XP/Flight time/ Violation form my ATC control panel that will notice me that they are serious or not and if they aren’t I’ll report them as soon as possible.

Inovation is the mother of invention. Clear the Threshold is the operative factor.
(Any means available… The book provides procedures, Controllers should think fast on their feet. Safty of flight first then It the “Flow”!

Good response… Your got the right idea Furusawason…Max

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In Playground it happened me, that I requested taxi to an active Runway, and the ground answered only with "Continue taxi "…

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Who cares about the Playground?

The Playground isn’t maybe important as the advanced, but it is the only server where always is full ATC.

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Why do you always add ’ Max sends '?

We know it’s you :)


So you’re a SoCal only flyer, I’m onto you!

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