How do you become ATC in the expert server?

I have always been eager to be atc on the expert server. But it gives me “No ATC Access on Expert Server”

If someone could reply to tell me how to get ATC aces on the expert server that would be AMAZING!!

To access ATC on Expert Server, you have to be IFATC [ Infinite Flight ATC ]
Here is the link to become IFATC:


You can also start studying here to improve your knowledge and to pass the ATC test before
you access expert server.

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Thank you for getting back to me

I have read those rules and I think I meet all of them

Can you train me?

I am not a recruiter, I just showed you where you can watch the ATC tutorials so you can prepare for the test
but if it is to know if these requirements are for you to apply the answer is yes and you have to be in grade 3

Yeah, I am subscribed and watched quite a bit of the videos on your all’s YouTube channel

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When you contact a recruiter do not forget to take a screenshot to show your number of operations

look at the @GlobalFlyer1 message, click on the link he sent you, you will find several recruiters and you can choose one and send him a direct message with all the information and wait until he responds

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Sounds like you’re doing all the right things to be on your way to be an IFATC. How are you doing with your controlling work on Training Server? Do you know how many ATC operations (ops) you’ve done so far?

Very good you checked out the IFATC training videos on YouTube. They contain lots of good info.

Have you opened an ATC tracking thread? These are really good to get constructive feedback from fellow IFC members. Search this forum for some good tracking thread examples.


I have 867 operations as an air traffic controller in the training server and what is an ATC tracking thread?

Search ‘ATC tracking thread’ 😉

You have been given all of the tools required to learn and understand what you need to do to become IFATC. I would suggest that now you need to stop relying on the community so much and actually read the links provided and watch the tutorials until you fully understand the processes involved to 1. Enter the application process and 2. Know enough about what you should actually be doing when controlling.

You also didnt need to create a second thread.

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