How do you autoland?

Hi I need help with auto land because every time I turn it on with full throttle it still goes into a flat spin and stall and after I get the plane back flying normally I have turned 180 degrees and won’t let me adjust to the right heading. Please help 😭😭😭😭

Are you sure you’re under 200kts entering the glideslope at 30*?

Can you post a screenshot of your control settings speed., altitude, auto settings, so we can see exactly where the issue is.

You are not supposed to turn the autoland function on with full throttle…

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It’s 45 degrees, not 30. :)

It’s best to turn the SPD function on A/P to 200 when using APPR

For a landing that’s way too high of a speed if you’re descending on the glidescope.

It’s max 200kts and when I land with Autoland, it becomes a smooth landing

But it also depends on the winds

I thought it was 30*… Well call me stupid.

In performing an autoland. From my understand and experience you want to be in the correct postion at the right speed. Remeber do you domething to the autopilot that you wouldnt do as a pilot. Just make sure that you are lined up from the airport and the right speed and etc…

You are not entirely wrong. The 45 degrees refers to the limitation of the autoland system, but ATC will vector you in to 30 degrees or less interception course with the localizer.

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Thanks @Thomas_Hense!

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