How do you attract people to your ATC Tracking Thread

Why is no one coming? :(

I wouldn’t make an extra topic for this, there’s no need. Just keep opening your tracking thread and eventually people will come. I agree it can be very disappointing when nobody show’s up, but there’s not too much you can do, I think.

Another option could be to open at airports that already have a steady flow of traffic, but not too much so there’s trolling, an airport like Manchester would be good, because there would already be some pilots there but hopefully no trolls.

Hope this helps.

Can you come right now?

No I’m not available currently

I recommend taking a look here :)

You have to remember thats we all have our own lives to. Currently, most people in the western hemisphere are at work or school. Myself, I am taking final exams.

Where are u i can

I’m @ KMCI.

Im coming now Caribbean 247

Thanks for coming.

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I did look at that and I did do what he said.

You have to remember that you have to stay open for people to notice! Just try and keep all that in mind!

Well it seems you were open for 20 minutes. It takes time unfortunately.

Thats why we have a rule in the IFATC. You must stay open for 30 minutes when controlling Class Charlie and 1 hour when controlling radar or Class Bravo.

Patience is key.


You created this topic 5 minutes after announcing that you were open. I have seen you create countless topics regarding your controlling adventures and questions. In reality, 95% of your posts could be answered by a simple search on the forum. Remember that if you make it into IFATC, you represent the team with your actions on the forum. Are your topics the type of representation you want to show?


Is that good or bad?

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It’s not necessary good or bad. It’s just a reminder that you have created many topics that can be answered by searching the IFC.

I didn’t know sorry.

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