How do you approach an airport with no WPT

I have problems deciding when to execute my approach and subsequent turns to an airport with no WPT (especially the remote and less well-known ones). Currently I’m relying on the map and localiser to help guide me for approach. Are there more accurate and reliable methods to approach?

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You also can use APPR mode (some planes) which isn’t great or you can use waypoints and NAV mode (not at all airports). But the best way is to use your Localizer and your glideslope.


APPR is pretty useless except when on short final. Secondly, I can’t rely on the localiser especially when on left/right base. Just 1nm inaccuracy will cause the localiser to be out of place fast (I’m turning using A/P and the plane doesn’t bank hard so I have to plan my turns ahead of time, just for the sake of realism.)

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APPR mode doesn’t really help much. It helps you with your approach but your landings are always hard. Also are you talking about when you are in the pattern and Turning from downwind to base to final?

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I wish I could post a video here but unfortunately no access to videos here…
I’m actually really good at smooth landings(many have probably watched me landing at airports @ live)

So, Try to Have a good glide slope and most importantly, what I do is, land with the HUD view. Although the Cockpit HUD is there too, but you aren’t able to view clearly what’s ahead (for ex runway). HUD View is the best one if you want safe and smooth landings. I usually Have the GPS approaches (if ILS not available) Unhidden and I see zooming it whether I’m going according to the line. And I usually Set my HDG according to my approximation of the heading to straight to the runway. Speed should always be in your hands. Maintain the best possible speed (slow), atleast your Nose should be a bit up, Making it realistic.
Hope that helps.
Feel free to PM me if you require any further assistance,brother!


And better have the FPV on always. It’ll help you to stay according to the runway view!


I’ll let you have an example by showing a screenshot here in a bit :)

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Hope this Kinda example helps you.
These are the main things I focus on while approaching an airport. I usually check the Main thing which is the Black circle I made in the centre, that’s called FPV (Flight Path Vector). Have it “ON” always for smooth landings. Have your make a bit high (To make it even realistic). Secondly I do is, Usually I just estimate the HDG to be set for the runway for straight in landing. And when I get close to the runway, just stop using the HDG AP and turn the plane manually (Usually when like 400 gets ahove the ground). Third is, I keep the speed in my hands that is, Operate the speed normally. Try to keep the speed so that the nose of the plane remains a little high and the FPV comes right into your runway thingy (You’ll have to work a little hard). if your shaking much and aren’t really professional, I recommend you change your sensitivity settings to medium. Lastly but not leastly, Look at the Small Map while in HUD by zooming into it. It’ll give you an idea of how straightly, you’re approaching the runway centre.

Hope that’s helps. Feel free the PM.
Safe landings and Have a good time captain!


You don’t have to use way points… You just need to do it by yourself

Hit a WPT near the destination then once u reach the WPT
Either use APPR or Manual Control and use the Glideslope

I tend to use the map to help me direct myself onto right/left base a little way out from the end of the red/grey cone, aiming to be 3,000ft AGL unless there is terrain to be concerned about. Then, when I’m close enough I turn onto approx 30 degrees for the localiser intercept, using the exact 30 degrees if I’ve managed to pick up the ILS/GPS and know the true runway heading, or just 270 for a runway 27 for example (even though it could be anything from 265-275).

Once I have picked up the ILS/GPS and the horizontal part of the localiser starts to move over (rather than sitting at the side flashing) I begin a turn to maybe 10 degrees off the runway heading, or in larger aircraft that turn slower it may be just 5 degrees off. I can then adjust more gradually until I am on the right heading, allowing for offset caused by crosswinds. I do all this at no faster than 200kt, usually slower, so that I have complete control and can predict the rate of turns better.

This tends to work well so that I am on the right heading before I then need to start being concerned with my descent.

Fly visual approach or use your radar

If you want to use a waypoint as a final fix before you start your approach, but IF doesn’t have a convenient fix, you can always create one yourself using latitude and longitude.

Then add it to your flightplan just before your airport.

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You could set the airport itself up as a waypoint, and then if there is no STAR, you will just have to do visual approach

If there is a WPT IRL but not in game i simply type in the coordinates of the WPT. If not I use skyvector to create an optimal flight path and then pump in the coordinates of each turn. I also tend to check how real world flights approach the airport and create a flight path based on real world procedures.

I always see some WPT fixes of such formats xxxxN/yyyyE in some flights irl in flightaware and I thought those are actual WPT fixes that we can find in IF map.

No, those are fixes you add yourself!


For me, i hand fly the plane and visually fly to the airport…

If you want to fly as realistic as possible, use charts :D

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I tried entering 3437N/9050E into the search bar (Search waypoint/airports), no wpts found. But I did find fixes like 5040N, 3373E on the map, @GHamsz are these lat long fixes? But they’re fixes and are already on the map in the first place it’s not something that I’ve added myself.