How do you alert approach ATC you are off course?

So I was flying into Cape Town this morning and noticed that a 100kt cross wind was pushing me off the approach path they meant for me to be on. I essentially alerted the controller by requesting an altitude change after which they gave me vectors back on course.
So my question is, is there a better way to alert ATC there is a problem other than just requesting something and having them check on you?


I mean, every valid IFATC controller has an account on the IFC. Usually if you find out the name of the controller in IF (say by tapping the airport) you can usually find them pretty easily on the community. Just go ahead and private message them what your concern is. I am also a valid IFATC controller and one of our jobs is to be cognizant of the airport METAR (weather) and such. So hopefully ghosting will not be enforced due to such high winds your experiencing.



In General: you stick to the heading you’ve been given and Approach ATC will keep an eye on you, and vector you as needed.

But…if you had a 100kts wind, then, unless there was a hurricane going on in the Approach airspace, I would suggest you contacted Approach at a too high altitude.


I was 45ishMiles out at 9,000. I think the winds were this high due to my weather not connecting, because actually the winds should have been around 6 knts.


That’s most definitely not too high. Wow, a 100 kts wind at the that altitude?! 😵

Yes, we had some weather issues today.

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Man that would of been fun to land at! Where was this?

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Cape Town on expert server, thankfully they were straight out of the north and the runway is 01, I also stopped with half the runway left without using brakes, just spoilers and 30%% RT in a 777-300ER.

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Hmmm. I was at Cape Town on expert today. Oh well :)

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