How do y’all calculate your V speeds?

I’m curious to know y’all’s way on calculating v speeds and how you get an approximate speed to takeoff at. What do each of you do personally to figure this out? What methods would you like to share that would get one in the ballpark? Is there a less complicated/basic way instead of spending time referring to aircraft charts?

Simbrief tells me if I enter the weight :)

Infinite Flight Assistant also auto-gives your v-speeds!


I just eyeball it, which might sound stupid but… yeah it’s pretty stewpid innit.


we do not calculate we just do it


It gives you V-Speeds when you make a flight plan


I read data on the FCOM if available.
Or I use something like this :

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In-flight assistant calculates it automatically! Super easy

Though I wished I have the patience to use capt joe’s real world method on youtube (to descent from a certain nm at -3 degrees pitch), I used my own way… it saves fuel too:

  • As if getting on a slide ride in the park, once I get to highest cruise level it’ll all be downhill from there as I immediately descent.
  • Set speed brake and speed 240kts/M0.64 or lower
  • Set target waypoint nearing approach at fl105 (if terrain is safe).
  • Deduct my current alt with 11000.
  • Divide by time to dest waypoint is my VS.
  • Passing by fl 110 my IF-A kicks in, as reminder for landing checklists.

So example: (36000-10500)/30mins = VS.

Hope that helps! :)

EDIT: LOL I MISSREAD! You meant take off V speed?! So sorry about that! :D


I refer to this

For aircraft like the A350, there’s really a lack of info regarding takeoff speeds. I read through the actual aircraft manual but didn’t really find any useful info about it.

IF Assistant does it for me. I just simply rotate the yoke! 😂

Did you find the FCOM? I’d like to get my hands on it!

Some aircraft like A350 (as you pointed out) or 777s sometimes in the calculations it doesn’t appear in the take off speeds on FLPtoIF. com when selecting options.
With wide bodies aircraft I tend to V1 rotate 145 knots to 180 knots (depending on % load/weight, AGL, weather with winds etc and distance of runway).

On a few occasions, I do struggle to lift when take off for example at HAAB Airport where there’s a high AGL thus faster speed is required

Take off speeds depend on configuration, which in turn depends on runway length, pressure altitude, temperature, humidity, and so on, which will then dictate a max TOW for each configuration. This is why it requires some calculations! 😉

Well when I said manual I didn’t mean the actual FCOM. I’m pretty sure you can only get the FCOM if you buy the actual aircraft. That’s from what I heard in the X-Plane community.

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Alas… cannot afford it yet!

Haha. Well you wouldn’t need to use flight sims if you bought an actual A350 though.

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For the CRJ-2/7/900 I just use a set of TOLD cards and cross check the TOGW with a runway requirement chart

TBM is relatively simple, 85 go/stop 90-95 rotate, personally limited to strips over 2500’

777-200/300ER there is a pretty good performance calculator available on android

And for the 757(-200) I use Airplane Toolbox, which is an excellent takeoff performance calculator for Xplane, and it has the advantage of syncing with Simbrief to autoload your weights.

Those are all the planes that I can personally speak for, it’s a bit complicated, but quite satisfying to have proper data.


I don’t calculate I put whatever feels comfortable to me 😜

I mostly use the speeds of SimBrief and adapt them as SimBrief assumes a TOGA takeoff as far as I know and I rarely set TOGA. Adaptions are made as followed:

V1 = SimBrief Vr
Vr = Simrief V2
V2 = Vr + (SimBrief V2 - SimBrief Vr)
V4 (initial climb speed) = V2 + 15 KIAS

Works for the airliners I regularly fly (A320 family, B737, B757 and B777)
The MD-11 is a different story though…