How do we activate this mode?

How do we activate this mode in android ?

It has been removed in the hotfix.


Ok thank you for this answer so fast

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It still works for me… my sim is up to date as well. Interesting…

How you make this ??

No idea, honestly man lol

It’s still there for people who had it activated when they updated, but they can’t disable it without re-installing. People who didn’t have it once they updated, can’t activate it again.

It was never supposed to be there in the public release.


That’s unfortunate, very useful to have to see how your device is performing imo.

My flight sim experience started with the Microsoft flight simulator series (FS2000-FSX).

Being able to see FPS was extremely valuable in my opinion for fine tuning graphics settings in those sims. It also helped with fine tuning IF graphics settings for my device: I have an iPhone 5S and don’t have the easy luxury of getting great frame rates despite all graphics settings being maxxed + anti aliasing turned on.

I think it would be great if we could again have this option to display FPS, etc.


I honestly thought this feature was suppose to be in the update.
I really liked the idea.


It may be coming back later, maybe not. I’m just a simple forum mod.
We noticed that some of those values (not FPS) were only confusing people, but yeah. I get what you’re saying with the FPS thing. We’ll see how it turns out in the future :)