How do virtual airlines work?

How does those VA’s work?

They are like real Airlines, but just in Infinite Flight with a fleet, routes etc

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A Virtual Airline is a airline created and operated in the virtual world. It gives schedules and aircraft like another airline and creates a community of pilots.

Virtual Airlines can either be real world or fiction.

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A Virtual Airline differs from another Virtual Airline

It can be serious, it can be casual.
It can be boring, it can be fun.
It can be too realistic or it can be just perfectly realistic.

Some VAs focus on the fleet a lot, while some focus on the routes…

Every VA is different, and that is how VAs are all unique and fun!

As for my VA, I make it casual, not many rules… but for other VAs, they may be serious (sometimes too serious) and have many defining (and deafening) rules

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What airline?
I am curious =P

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Idk lol just giving some crazy examples hahaha

Well I’ve seen some who really issue “boarding tickets” and all… That’s what I mean by too serious LOL


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