How do VA work?

I’ve been using IF since before the global update but never really got into the whole VA thing. How do they work? Are you assigned routes/aircraft? I’ve sent out a few applications to different VA but am afraid I might not get accepted due to the fact I’m new. Any help would be appreciated

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Most VAs require you to be TL1 and have some requirements in your grade book.

You’re right about specific routes and aircraft. As you fly more for the VA, you unlock more aircraft.

Start with one or two VAs first. As you think you have enough commitment to fly for all of them, you can join more

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A VA is a Virtual Airline, a group of pilots for Infinite Flight who look to fly together, and be respected for what they do. Most VA’s around the world are taken, but you’ll easily get used to it. You can fly certain aircraft, as you build up the hours, the fleet you can fly gets unlocked. You file your flights via a PiRep system, asking for details like your flight time, fuel used, aircraft. You’ll only be able to fly and submit the aircraft unlocked for your rank, but it doesn’t restrict you from not flying them at all!

You also generally need to fly regularly. Sometimes this isn’t really necessary, as most of the time, you can get away with it. I would’nt suggest that overall.

To find out more VA’s, visit here:

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Do they used other apps such infinite passengers or virtual hub?

Some of them do. However, a lot of them are built from scratch on their own websites, and have their own system.

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VAs are basically Virtual Airlines. They operate just like real airlines do. You can start out as a rank and only fly one or two aircraft. Then as you fly more, you rank up and expand to better aircraft and longer routes.

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Most of them communicate through a free app called slack and they have ranks that you can rank up in as you fly for them


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