How do they get so many attendees?

How can I get my event to get more attendees?

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One recommendation would be to start off with smaller airports like a Nashville or Kansas City. The smaller the airport is, the faster the event will fill up and the fuller it will be. Then, have your events gain attraction by creating successful smaller events. Finally, start getting bigger like your JFK and LHR airports.

Also just time and patience, people will come :)

Just my thought!


Check this:

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Time, effort and a lot of creativity. Using HTML formatting and banners as well as unique event ideas can attract lots of people. Try looking at some known events such as those hosted by VAs or large flyouts for some inspiration! 👍🏻


If you aren’t apart of a VA, it’s hard to get a ton of people. However, I’ve had great experience by using special, or weird airports. A few weeks ago, I had an event at KNUC, marketing it as a Pre-Global flashback event, and it had a great turnout

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Be unique. Be different. Don’t be the 3rd person to host an event at KLAX within a week.

For example, I just held the CYYZ flyout which had 90+ people sign up, I just knew CYYZ isn’t done too much, but also used an interesting title. (example, as Toronto is referred to as the 6ix, I made mine, Saturday Night Flyout From the 6ix! My good friend @NYFLFlyer22 is doing KMCO, so he made his The Magical Flyout! due to Disney and the other themeparks! So pick something that is a nod to the city!

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The only thing that pops up in ma head is Six Flags lmao

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Some examples of nicknames for Atlanta are, The Big Peach. Black mecca. City in a Forest or City of Trees, for its unique tree canopy. Dogwood City.


Nicknames of Atlanta - Wikipedia

Since you’re doing Atlanta, I’m sure the folks over at Delta Virtual would take a look at it!

haha am I allowed to ask for a sponsor?

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Use pictures make your thread look nice

I don’t see why not. It is worth a shot!

If your event is a VA’s Hub, that may get them into it

Ima try that tmrw cuz the CEO is most likely asleep

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Ay! Maybe I can get a boost of attendees?

If you look at my YYZ flyout, I had some sponsors/partnerships, so they put it in their slacks to support!

Yep. A VA sponsorship can mean that. But I would recommend negotiating with staff about reserved spots for the VA.

First, like many people have said, try make your even unique either through a rare airport of by a specific theme. Note: the theme idea may in some cases turn people away from attending but it might draw in others. Second, create the event as early as possible, the sooner you post it, the sooner people can sign up and the longer others have the chance to join. Third, if your event is big enough, you might be able to strike up a partnership with a VA that has a hub at the airport or works with the theme of the event. Note: DO NOT beg for a partenership, this will only turn away a VAs interest. For more information see the post by @Thunderbolt. Fourth, Promote your event by setting it as your featured topic in your profile. Fifth, Co-host an event with 1 or 2 others on the forum. It cuts your workload down a bit and friends of your co-hosts who might not know you very well might see it and be interested. Bonus: you might also make another friend. =)

Also, many events that you see with 100+ attendees are hosted by people who have been on this forum for a long time ans have established a reputation for hosting good events. You’ll get there eventually.

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Woah woah woah, why didn’t I hear about this