How do the developers decide which 3D airports to add?

With more announcements of 3D airports being added, it started to make me wonder how the developers decide which airports to work on. Some airports like KLAX and EGLL are understandable because they’re major airports and are highly popular among users, but other airports like SASA and NZQN are more uncommonly flown to/out of. I know that the IFC also has a say in choosing airports, but what are some other methods airports are chosen?


I would wait for either a moderator or staff member to answer as it’s unlikely anyone here will know the correct answer :)


If I had to guess I would say maybe analytics.

Hello! Our airports are decided through a mix of factors, much like liveries. The main thing we are focusing on is ensuring we have a roughly even number of airports in each area in the world, however still making sure high traffic areas have enough airports to cater for this. We are also focusing on bigger airports at this time, however in the future we will expand the number of smaller commercial, GA, and military airports when able.

Some areas of the world have poorer quality source information and imagery, so they take longer to do. Certain areas in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and South America fall under this category. We are actively working on these, however for the moment due to this extended development time these areas may have fewer airports whilst we complete them.


That means no Airports in India anytime soon?😢

it was hinted i think

We can never know for sure, in their instagram post they stated that 27 new airports are coming to 21.3 (2 of which were already shown on their twitch), they didn’t say which so there is a chance an Indian airport may come! i’m kind of hoping one does ;)


Didn’t they say 25 new airports coming?

Yes 25, excluding the 2 new ones they already released (so in total 27), I edited my post to include thag.

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Read more carefully please.

“CYHZ and SASA are two of over 25 new 3D airports coming”.

This means that the 2 airports are included in that 25. Therefore there are 23ish others that have not been disclosed as of yet.


Ahh, my fault! I read it as two and over 25 others.

21.3 is getting OVER 25 airports, the 2 they showed on twitch is coming in 21.4 alongside the A333.


Cool… Thanks for the information?


I really hope so too!

I thought I was replying to someone else. Sorry.

they said 25+ airports. i reckon it will be more than 25 airports.

A bit of a follow-up question but I wonder if Infinite Flight also factor in aircraft and liveries we have when choosing airports so users can do realistic flights. It seems like that with Dublin and Zurich, which both have significant A330 traffic and are coming alongside the A330

I think it was Dublin and also Zurich.

incorrect, the ones they showed on twitch a few days ago are coming in 21.4. the ones that they have showed us that are coming in 21.4 are dublin and Zurich

Please refer to Misha’s post: