How do still have a good time on IF without a subscription?

My IF subscription Ran out recently and I was Wondering How can I still have a fun time?

Well, all I can say is…

Enjoy yourself in solo mode.

Idk why but my heart hurts looking at this post.😢


Repurchase a Pro subscription. 😝
No but in all seriousness, practice extreme crosswind landings and test how you fly in harsh weather conditions that you choose. Be able to explore all the regions and be able to memorize the terrain perhaps. There’s many things on solo you can do. When the XCub comes out for all, you should do some STOL landings in the SoCal region. Infinite Flight is still great fun on and offline. 🙂

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Thanks For Tips. Certainly will try Some Harsh Weather Flying. :P

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Do you still get the global map when your subscription runs out?

No You Don’t

There are multiple locked in regions you have access to without a subscription.

Darn, which areas do you still get?

Sydney, CaliFornia, Washington and others

Hey man! I currently buy live every 2 months, so for now, while I’m waiting, I have solo mode. All I can say is;
Do some patterns in an airplane. Go to KLAX, or KDEN and do patterns around the airport.
Do a short flight. There is a good flight around the Oshkosh area, you will be able to do about a 35 min flight.
Hope these help!

Thanks @BravoCharlie! Thats Sounds Like a good Idea! The Only flight I really knew was Sydney to Canberra

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Or put extreme winds, and try to land the spitfire backwards

What?? Thats Sounds CRAZY!

At least I think it’s the spitfire. I haven’t done it in a while. I also can’t see if it’s the spitfire because I’m doing an overnight flight

If you’re planning on repurchasing Pro in the future, practice buttering your landings on solo. You just need a decent airport, and then you can land like an expert when you get your subscription back. :)

Yeah i am still a grade 2 not 3 so I won’t be on an expert. LOL

Even so, you can awe people on training with your professional landing skills ;)


Thanks @TaipeiGuru @A350iscool @BravoCharlie @Soviet_Salsa @infiniteflight_17 @Wolfie @Claudio for all these tips! I just did the SMOOTHEST landing in the A380 at KSFO!


Imagine a Grade 2 buttering on training. Will be @Matt_Croatia001 one day, perfecting every landing at every airport on any server in any plane in any weather ;)