How do SIDS work

Can someone explain how SIDs work for Infinite Flight purposes? I just took off from EGLC and after learnings SIDs were in place I came here and from what I understood is that it’s a planned departure? So I created a flight plan where the red circles were (waypoints) and departed basically north than east of EGLC. I must’ve done it correctly as I was not ghosted after watching multiple departures get ghosted because they departed straight out into EGLL. Thanks!

I saw a couple get ghosted too right in front of my eyes.

Yes, the SID will lead you north of EGLC (Right turn after takeoff) and out of EGLL airspace in order to not confront arriving Heathrow traffic. If you did the 2 right turns, you did it right 👍


So basically when SIDS are in effect for IF. You’ll know the planned departure based on the red circles as to where to set a waypoint?

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Correct. When SIDS are there, you have to have them in your FPL unless NOTAM states otherwise. Same goes for STAR’S. :)


Awesome, that makes sense. Thanks for your help! 👏

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Were you United 662 or something like that? A EasyJet A319?

I’m flying right now as britair 2412 in a CRJ-10. I did see a Easyjet airbus get ghosted because he flew straight out basically into the downwind of EGLL lol

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Yea, I was a Dash 400 and got ghosted, even though I though i did it right :(

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Were you the Air Berlin one? If you think you did it correctly you should contact the controller. Dont see why he would ghost you if you did it correctly…


No I was a FlyBe Dash 400

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I think I saw you taxi in front of me, what was your callsign Jersey 6455? Because I did see someone get ghosted who flew only north but didn’t appear to make the immediate turn. Idk if that was you.

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No, I flew above 3000ft, we don’t need to talk about it anymore, it’s all getting sorted out :)

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SIDS and STARS go hand and hand in flying. IF may have provided the SIDS for EGLC, but if you want to step the realism a notch, just google the SIDS/STARS up for the airports you are flying to and from. They are a procedures and checkpoints that provide the best way of navigation for aircraft on IFR flight plans. ie: avoiding terrain or traffic from a nearby major airport. Some of them provide some really fun and sometimes challenging approaches or departures to and from certain airports. Try to give it a shot!


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